Fireside Book Shop routinely accepts your gently used books through our trade-in program. You get credit that you can spend on anything in the store, and we get books to stock our used book inventory! It’s a win-win!

Please call ahead if you have a large quantity!


Trade-in FAQs

How does the trade-in work? It’s easy! You bring us your gently used books in small, easy-to-carry boxes or bags labeled with your name and phone number. We will evaluate your books within a week and issue you store credit that may be used on anything in the store!

How much credit will I get for my trade-ins? Newer books in good condition may be worth up to 25% of their original price. Older books or worn books, regardless of size, are usually worth $0.25.

How will I know when my books have been evaluated? We will give you a call as soon as your books have been processed. We usually call within a few days after you drop them off.

How often do you have trade-ins? Trade-ins occur monthly, February through November. They typically start on the first Friday of the month and last until the following Tuesday.

Does the store credit issued from trade-ins ever expire? Yes. The store credit from your trade-ins is valid for six months from its issue date. It’s in your best interest to pick it up as soon as possible after we give you a call!

What if I want to keep the bags that I used to pack my books? We prefer that you bring your books to us in bags that you no longer need. However, we will return your bags to you when you pick up your store credit if you let an employee know you want them back or leave us a note at drop-off.

Why is the store credit you issue called a due bill? I have no idea.


What We Love

Gently Used Fiction

Gently Used Non-Fiction

Gently Used Children's Books

Gently Used Classics and Vintage Titles

Gently Used Books Published Within the Last Ten Years

What We Don't Like So Much


Ex-library books



Books with highlighting, annotation, or underlining

Condensed books/Reader’s Digest books

Reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries)

Travel books that are more than five years old

Business books that are more than five years old

Health/diet books that are more than five years old

Parenting books

Foreign language books

Anything that has been in your basement/attic/garage for too long!

If you won't take my used books, what should I do with them?

· Give them to a hospital or school

· Re-home them to a nursing home or retirement facility

· Donate them to a women’s shelter or homeless shelter

· Give them to a charitable organization that specializes in used book donations

· Recycle them!

Discards Policy

If Fireside can’t use some or all of the books you bring in we will donate them to the Chagrin Library, a charitable organization, or recycle them.